Manual training for esports teams

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How it works

Benchmark & improve your skills

Improve players’ cognitive skills in 5 crucial categories: vision, audio, strength, manual and intellect.

Train anywhere you want

You don’t need to visit any training facilities. Download app and train on your gaming PC with plug&play eye-tracking device.

Tailor-made trainings

Our AI algorithms will choose the proper exercise set for every player based on his/her current skill levels.

Trained sills

  • Vision
    wide side vision, contrast sensitivity or high eye speed are crucial skills for esports. Developing them will help any player win a lot more games.

  • Manual
    The basic skills you can think of in category “required to play video games” - click accuracy, mouse speed or eye-hand coordination.

  • Audio
    Playing as a team needs highly developed communication skills. Also, good sound reaction speed may save some digital lives.

  • Strength
    Every game requires not only manual skills but also skills like high endurance, patience or stress resistance, especially during championships.

  • Intellect
    Multi-tasking? Focus? Decision making? Those are crucial abilities while playing all these so dynamic video games.

Sensei allows us to compare our players reaction times (vision, audio, eye-hand coordination, and others). At the same time, our team is having fun while competing in Sensei exercises - providing detailed data about their skills
Marcin Siwek
Head of operations,
Using eye-tracking device to control and keep the sight on specific elements allows to enhance vision capabilities by, for instance, extending the side vision scope or practising the eye muscles. Impressive how easy it is to benchmark yous skills!
Adam Cellary
Eye-Tracking Specialist,

How to get started

Contact us

Fill in the form on this page. We’ll get back to you and discuss all your needs like how many stands you’d like to have and how many teams/players you’d like to train.

Live demo

We can make a demo based on webcam eye-tracking. We’ll send you the app & tutorial video and schedule a video call to answer any other questions.

Get your license

It’s the coach who selects players for the team and whoever needs data-driven insights the most. Every coach will then invite his players to join the team account in the app.

Story behing Sensei

Why Sensei?

The idea of creating Sensei was born in response to the needs of the esports market. E-sport now is in the same place, that traditional sport was in the 1960s. No one really knows how to measure skills, benchmark players or what can significantly affect the form of players.

We took the challenge and after a deep research of scientific articles on video games and consultations with one of the leading Polish esports teams we created a data-driven product that we strongly believe can change the game. It’s meant to improve players’ skills in 5 categories: vision, audio, strength, manual and intellect. You only need a regular PC, an eye tracker, our app and a team’s will to make diligent training.

Our solution is the first one on the market that trains not only precision or speed of clicks but also audiovisual skills. Moreover, you won’t need to go to any esports training center, you can have one - all you need is a stand with our Sensei application.

Get In Touch


From our side it could take less than a day, it depends on you and your needs. Usually, a few days is enough to get everything started
You need your PC with any eye-tracking device plugged in (Tobii, GazePoint). Also, your monitor size should be 24”.
All teams are welcome to try our training app. Although, the coach is needed (one of the players can be set as the coach). For now, the Sensei app is meant to train teams. If you’re interested in individual training, please contact us to discuss more.
While your license is active you can contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help you.
You can play on your regular PC, although the screen size should be 24” and calibrated in terms of brightness and contrast level (to make a real benchmark of players). Mouse and headphones settings are up to you.
Before buying the license you can have a demo version. It’s the same app, but with webcam eye-tracking, which is less accurate. We’ll also teach coaches how to use Sensei.
Only the coach and players from the team can see their stats.